One of the many benefits of living in Florida is year-round sunshine. The wonderful weather and warmth is a draw for many Snowbirds who fly South for the winter. But, even in Florida, all homeowners and property managers still need to winterize their properties. If you’re a seasonal resident in the Sunshine State, there are a few more steps to go through to ensure your home is Florida winter-ready.

As soon as you arrive, check all of your home systems to make sure they’re safe.

  • Reprogram your thermostat. If it hasn’t been used in months, your thermostat may not properly read the temperature in your house. It might not heat or cool your house to the desired temperature. Reprogramming it can help moderate the temperature and ensure your home is not heated to an unsafe temperature.
  • Test all appliances before using them. Don’t forget to plug your refrigerator back in and let it get cold before putting new groceries in You’ll also want to test run the oven before inviting neighbors over for a “welcome back” dinner party.
  • Even in Florida, it gets colder at night. Before you start using the central heating, clean the heating system vents. So much dirt and dust can build up over the year and can cause a blockage or safety concern when the thermostat is turned back on.

Every homeowner in Florida should consider these tips to keep their home safe and warm during the winter:

  • Check the windows for potential leaks. Of course, you can easily tell if the window itself is cracked or broken. If it is, you’ll want to replace the glass immediately. Take the time to examine your windows a little more closely to ensure the weather stripping and caulking are still intact. Any gaps or cracks can cause a leak. Leaks can result in a higher energy bill as well as loss of heat in your house.
  • Call an electrician to check your wires and electrical system. Every homeowner should do this at least once a year, especially if you separate your item between houses. A professional electrician can make sure everything is in working order and catch a potential safety concern before it’s ever an issue.

Whether you’re a Florida Snowbird or a full-time Florida resident, call Theta Electric to make sure your home is ready for the winter.

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