Whether you have a never-ending line of trick-or-treaters every Halloween or only hand out 10 fun-size Snickers bars, it’s important your house is safe for every trick-or-treater. This means guiding the way with proper, bright lighting. Safe exterior lighting is more than a Halloween decoration — it’s a safety precaution that lasts year-long. Here are our top electric tips for a brighter Halloween:


It doesn’t matter if you’re tricking or treating this Halloween, safety should always be your first priority. You can provide a safe pathway for visiting families and welcome your own family back from a night of candy-collecting. Line your pathway and lawn with landscape lighting to guide the way. Consider installing floodlights for your driveway and garage for extra security.


What good are your exterior lights if they aren’t durable in all types of weather? Living in Tampa Bay means our weather is never the same in the morning as it is in the afternoon. You need lights that can endure the famous Florida afternoon rains. Look for fixtures and bulbs that are outdoor rated and don’t install anything that isn’t. Remember, installing anything outside can be tricky and even dangerous. Call an electrician for expert tips — or to get it installed for you!


Picking the right light bulbs doesn’t have to be a guessing game. These are the three aspects to remember:

  1. Start by replacing anything that is broken. Go around your house’s exterior and make sure all your lights are in full working order.
  2. When buying new bulbs, never exceed the wattage limit. If your fixture recommends a 70-watt bulb, don’t buy one that is 90 watts.
  3. Consider going eco-friendly! LED and CFL bulbs are not only better for the environment, they tend to last longer so they’re cheaper in the long run!

Careful with your jack-o-lanterns!

This is perhaps the most important Halloween safety tip we can give you. Please consider electric jack-o-lanterns this year. This helps you avoid any mishaps with an open flame on your front porch!

Halloween should be fun and scary, but never unsafe! If you have any questions about your exterior lighting be sure to call a professional electrician like Theta Electric to ensure everything is installed safely. Happy Halloween!

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