When is the best time to childproof your home?  The perfect time is before you bring your baby home from the hospital.  Don’t wait, every year children are injured or even killed by electricity.  From warming a bottle to preparing food, electricity is part of our everyday life.  It is easy to take it for granted and forget how hazardous it can be.  As a parent, you want your child to be safe, happy and healthy.  Children are curious and do not understand the dangers of electricity. It is essential that your home is childproofed against electrical shock, and that you educate your children about electrical hazards.  Keeping your child safe from electricity is vital!

Is your home as safe as you think?

An appropriate time to reevaluate your homes electrical safety is when you bring your baby home for the first time.  Before you know it, your child will be crawling and walking. There are some basic safety procedures you can implement around your home to avoid accidents and injuries.

Keep your child safe from electricity by:

Avoiding the Use of Extension Cords –  Children are likely to chew on them.

Drying Your Children Off After Bathing or Swimming –  Ensure they are dry before they go and play with any piece of electronic equipment, including games, televisions, computers, educational games etc.  Water and electricity can be deadly!

Ensuring that Every Light Socket has a Light Bulb in it.

Installing Child Resistant Wall Plates – Wall plates cover unused standard outlets.  They are difficult for children to pry open and access.

Installing GFCI’s in any room with a water source.  They will protect your entire family against electric shock.

Inserting Outlet Caps –  These caps are inserted into empty receptacles, blocking fingers from interaction with unused outlets.

Installing Tamper Proof Outlets – These outlets are designed to keep fingers out and properly rated plugs in.

Keeping Appliance Cords out of the Reach of Children – Blow Dryers, Flat Irons, Curling Irons etc.… Power cords and appliances are dangerous.

Keeping Electrical Appliances out of Reach

Keeping Sippy Cups or Drinks Away from Electronics

Staying Aware of Potential Hazards – Frayed or damaged cords

Do your children understand the basics of electrical safety?

In most cases, preschool children will have a difficult time understanding detailed instructions and explanations about the hazards of electricity. As we all know, kids will be kids.  Kids love to play and need to understand that electricity is not a toy.  Younger children will be tempted to touch and even inset items into outlets.  At this age, firm direction is required.  Using clear, consistent communication lets your child know that you are serious about the danger of electricity.  As your child ages, they will begin to understand the power, danger and uses of electricity.  They may be mesmerized by sources of power.  Reinforcement of electrical safety procedures is important.  Spend time with your child instructing them on appropriate uses of electricity and monitor their behavior.  As children continue to age they typically recognize electrical dangers and know what to do to avoid them.

Stay Safe!

Electricity is powerful and hazardous.  Ensuring that your home is childproofed is critical to ensure your child stays safe and healthy.  The best way to prevent electrical injuries is to childproof your home and provide adult supervision any time your child is in proximity of potential electrical hazards.  When in doubt – Stay Out and call your local electrician.  Theta Electric proudly offers electrical services to the communities in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.  Call today to schedule your appointment for an electrical inspection, electrical repairs, electrical remodeling and more.