We’re in the midst of Florida’s dry season, but the wet season is just around the corner. Is your home ready for the summer? Here are 7 ways to help you prepare for the rain and hot(ter) temperatures:

1. Have you had your air conditioner checked by a professional recently?

Getting your filters checked regularly can drastically increase energy efficiency. Do it now before you really need your AC to prevent problems when you least want them.

2. Are your windows energy efficient?

Ensure your windows are made for energy conservation and efficiency. Before it gets too hot and while the temperature still drops at night, try opening the windows in the evening. This will reduce your air conditioning use, thus reducing your electricity bill and carbon footprint. If you have older windows, you may want to look into getting new windows or treatments that are more energy efficient.

3. Is your electrical panel outdated?

Older homes and homes with improperly installed wiring and panels need their electrical panels replaced. But how can you tell? Have a licensed electrician evaluate your wiring and determine if something needs to be replaced.

4. Do you have your thermostat higher during the day when you’re at work and lower when you’re at home?

This can save you money! Leaving the thermostat too low during the day is costly. If you can tolerate the thermostat at a slightly higher temperature, you can reduce your electricity costs.

5. Do you use AC and fans?

If you have AC and want to get the most out of it, you can use a ceiling or other fan at the same time to raise the AC temp a couple notches to save money. Another way to keep your house cooler with fans is to use a bathroom fan when showering to reduce steam.

6. Are you cooking outside?

Avoiding the oven can keep your home cooler. Using just the stove and microwave indoors when it gets warmer outside can reduce your energy consumption and, therefore, your electricity bill.

7. Have you checked for cracks, holes, and gaps throughout your home?

Looking near windows and doors for spaces where air can get in and filling them with caulk will make your home more energy efficient and keep the outside heat out. Make your air conditioner’s job all the easier by keeping the heat at bay.

A few other things you can do to cut down your energy bill include using less hot water during the warmer seasons, turning off the lights when leaving a room, and hanging your clothes to dry, instead of machine drying.

Does your home need an electrical evaluation? Do you have some wiring or other electrical components that need updating? Contact Theta Electric for all of your electrical needs. Stay cool and dry this rainy season!

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