A Competent Clearwater Electrician Can Help Solve Your Power Problems

Posted by Michael Pasquino

Industry NewsAccording to an article posted on the wptv.com website August 6, 2013, a neighborhood around the Boynton Beach area had been experiencing a series of power surge problems that were frying home appliances and wiring. Florida Power and Light (FPL), the utility company responsible for distributing power to the area, claimed that the problem was actually caused by several power interruptions, and that the burnouts are, in fact, a sign that the systems are protecting homes. However, such a statement did little to placate the fears of fires starting in houses.

Sudden surges in power lines can fry electrical systems by overloading them. Often, such complications follow in the wake of rough weather, which happens a lot in areas like Florida. When surges damage the electrical systems of a home, residents shouldn’t just let things be; they should call on a handy Clearwater electrician like those of Theta Electric to solve their problems.

According to residents of the afflicted neighborhood, the power goes on and off several times in a month. Such fluctuations have severely crippled electrical systems, and many residents have reported burnt out or melted appliances due to the strange phenomenon. The residents complained to the FPL, who then tried to assure irate customers that the company has been trying to fix the surges from momentary power interruptions.

The FPL discovered that the region had compromised equipment, such as lightning arrestors, fuse switches, and insulators. Additionally, a portion of the cable used to feed power was found to be operating above normal temperatures; such an anomaly can cause trouble across the entire grid, and so, the company set out to repair these faults. The FPL promised residents that they will continue to monitor and improve their service in the region.

While the local power supplier can surely handle general repairs for the power lines, their responsibilities don’t extend to individual home wiring repair. Things like blown Clearwater electrical panels and burnt wiring resulting from power surges can disable the flow of energy in a home and endanger the lives of its occupants. For such damage, residents can call on their local electrician to repair and replace any damaged equipment.

Boynton Beach won’t be the only region that will experience surges or surge-like conditions; other neighborhoods are likely to be affected as well. Residents who feel threatened by these surges should always keep tab of emergency hotline numbers of their local fire department. Also, should a home’s wiring ever get burned out, locals can employ an electrician to repair the damage.


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